Tips and moodboards for your perfect X-mas

Instagram photo or present card made on iPhone!

It’s Christmas season again, what better way to spread holiday mood 

than sharing beautiful Xmas photos and collages with your followers.

We know: finding inspiration can be a monotonous process. 


That’s why we made this little guide for you!

Btw, don't forget to download AppForType mobile app. It will help you all along the way!


1. Christmas Lights

2. Indoor Decor/Still Life

3. Gifts & Stockings

4. Christmas Sweater Selfie

5. Christmas Shopping

6. Christmas Crafts & Wrapping

7. Christmas markets and city ice-rings

8. Hot drinks in Xmas cups

9. Glitters and sparkles in make up or flatlay

10. Christmas Treats

11. Christmas Tree/Wreath

On Pinterest you can find a lot of inspiration and additional pics for your future collage.

Use them for decoration to create Christmas mood on your card. Download some backgrounds with

candy canes or Christmas patterns, frames, icons and textures.

In AppForType you can easily make awesome collage on your phone. You can add photos,

lettering, stickers, drawings, geometric shapes, brush textures there.

Also you can add text in different fonts.

So let's make the first collage 
in AppForType step by step!

1. Open App and tap NEW ART icon at the bottom of the screen.

2. Select required screen proportions at the top.

3. Go to PHOTO tab and choose a photo from your gallery or make a new one.

You can add photo by clicking on it or move it to the artboard. Then set needed size of your photo.

4. In FONT tab you can choose any font you like and add your own text on photo. This is a paid feature, and you can

buy all new and old fonts for 2,99$.

5. To enliven our text, in this collage we choosed 3 different fonts: Kotori Light, Hunter River and Botera. To add new

text of different font, drag and drop the font to the artboard.

6. To change distance between letters and lines, hold your finger on text and move right-left to change letter spacing

and up-down to change line spacing.

7. To change text color or opacity, tap the brush icon on the left bottom of the screen.


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