Your Valentine is waiting for a postcard from you!


On February 14 lovers from all over the world will celebrate romantic love. It will be time

for fancy dining, dates, dresses, going out, or just staying in and cuddling all day.

If you celebrate this special day too, we invite you to express

your creativity and imagination with AppForType.


So, why not to make a postcard?
We’re sure your Valentine will be glad to get one!


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  • Craft a beautiful custom card with your own photos
  • Add the most important words, for example, chores of YOUR SONG
  • Or simply make your S.O. know that you’re thinking about her or him



We also have some ideas to share if you're looking for inspiration.

Select a couple of your favorite pictures together and try to make a collage in AppForType!

Here you can watch our tutorial how to create Valentine's Day collage in AppForType!

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Happy Valentine's Day! Let’s celebrate love!