If you did not find the answer to your question below, send us an email

to appfortype@gmail.com or a direct message in Instagram to @appfortype.
We will try to reply as soon as possible.



How do I restore my purchases?

Go to SHOP and click

on Restore in the upper right corner. All the purchases will be restored automatically.

How do I cancel my purchase?

We do not process the purchases, they are managed by App Store or Google Play. Please contact them to cancel your order.

How do I place

a writing behind

an object?

Choose the ERASER tool and delete those parts of your writing that cover the object. For better accuracy, zoom in the image with your two fingers.


For $2.99, do I get one font or all of them?

For $2.99 you get the access to all fonts that are already in the FONT section and will be added there in the future. With these fonts you’ll be able to write your own texts.


You can also buy writing sets separately. You can find the price for each set in the store.


If I buy a new phone, do I need to buy the app again?

All your purchases will be restored if your new phone uses your account on the same platform.


To restore your purchases, go to SHOP and press Restore button.


I click on buy, but nothing happens. What should I do?

Most probably, there is

a problem with your Internet connection. Try again later. 

If the problem remains, reinstall the application.


If this doesn’t help, email us at appfortype@gmail.com. We will fix your problem faster if you indicate the model of your smartphone and its operational system (Android / iOS).